Manage Easier. Mine Smarter.

AMT's new line of Rack Mount Miners combines today's leading ASIC chips with a standardized technology which is optimized for choice and flexibility at any scale.

Our miner housing options may be a more cost effective solution compared to managing your own mining farm. Unlike most cloud hosting companies, you own your hardware, and can manage it in all freedom and use of any data center. With our vast network of partnerships with over 20 housing facilities we can find the closest and most cost effective solution for mining.

AMT offers OEM and re-branding solutions for corporate clients. Providing complete customized solutions is is one of our major strengths. As mining becomes more industrial in size, client’s require high-quality, stable and well-engineered technology which can be built and shipped in under 72 hours. Accelerate time to market with AMT’s data center ready miners.

AMT’s European division specializes in negotiating affordable power contracts with some of Europe’s major power plant and electric providers. While capex is important, opex is what industrial miners are concerned with. With some of our contracts being a little as .06 US cents per KW, AMT is able to offer massive peta-farming opportunities.


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